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The Golden Rule is our guiding philosophy, here at Desert Haven Animal
Refuge: treat others, the animals, our members and all life, as we
ourselves would wish to be treated.  It is the key to a better world for
all of us. Through the generous hearts and hands of people like you, we
are helping build a future that will be rooted in kindness and caring.
                                     VOLUNTEER PROGRAM
                           SIERRA COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY &
                              DESERT HAVEN ANIMAL REFUGE

The Sierra County Humane Society & Desert Haven Animal Refuge
provide two types of volunteer opportunities:

1) You can be a Work Camper or
2) Local Volunteer

Both local volunteers and DHAR work campers share in the operation of the small, no-kill companion animal
sanctuary located a couple of miles from Truth or Consequences, NM. Activities include caring for the sanctuary’s
feathered and furry residents – dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, doves, peacocks, roosters and hens - all of them
rescued from situations that endangered their life or their health. At Desert Haven, the residents are given a
new chance at life until they are adopted into forever homes or to until they pass on from natural causes. Aside
from helping feed and care for the small creatures for whom the sanctuary is home, dog-walking and kitty-
cuddling are also a part of daily volunteer and work camping activities.

Individuals with special skills or interests are welcome and encouraged to give a hand in special projects, such as:  
•Building insulated dog houses, feline furniture and kitty condos
•Painting small and large projects.
•Grounds keeping and beautification within the sanctuary, perimeter, at the adjacent Rainbow Bridge Pet
Cemetery and also inside DHAR campground.  
•Computer projects such as updating DHAR Petfinder files, etc.

Desert Haven offers seasonal and long term work camping opportunities to service oriented RVers interested in
exchanging time, experience and skills for a spacious FHU RV site with WI-FI.  Work campers routinely commit
for a minimum of 3 months of service unless other arrangements are agreed to, in advance, by both parties.
Single work campers commit for an average of 20 hours of service per week. Couples are expected to share an
average of 30 hours. Depending on skills, need and personal preference, the weekly work camping schedule may
also include one 4 hour shift at Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe. Visit our
RV Park page for more details or download
our work camper application.

Local volunteers who enjoy working with small domestic animals are invited to become part of the team that
handles daily Animal Care. Animal Care takes place at the same time every morning and again for an hour or more
during mid to late afternoon. Animal Care Volunteers are usually on location for approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours per
morning shift and approximately 1 ½ hours in the mid to late afternoon. These volunteer activities include walking
dogs, grooming and cuddling felines while giving plenty of attention to the companion animals of their choice.  

Volunteers who enjoy working around people are encouraged to team up with the Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe staff
that operate the non-profit store in Truth or Consequences. Paws & Claws is operated by the Sierra County
Humane Society and all its profits help fund the entire organization. Paws & Claws Volunteers usually spend from
one to several hours each week to help sort and display items donated on a daily basis. Some P&C volunteers
assist customers as needed. Others help keep the shop clean and organized and its’ windows dressing as attractive
as possible.

Able bodied volunteers with the use of a truck or a trailer are also occasionally needed to help pick-up donated
furniture pieces and other items from local entities.

Service Oriented Groups are welcome and encouraged to visit and volunteer at Desert Haven. They are invited to
take on special projects, such as grounds maintenance and upgrade. Groups with specific skills and goals are
welcome to handle building and repair projects. All Youth groups are expected to be chaperoned by at least one
responsible adult above 21 years old.     

Service oriented groups include:        
•Church Youth Groups
•Boy  &  Girl Scouts
•Senior Groups

Desert Haven Animal Refuge welcomes and will work with Community Service applicants.

download our Work Camper Application or for more information on both the Work Camper and Local
Volunteer program, or to schedule a Volunteer Orientation, contact the Desert Haven General Operations
Supervisor at 575-894-1694.    

You can take a man’s money anytime, but when you take a man’s time, you take part of his life”
Eliana Aubin
President - SCHS
Executive Director - DHAR
Manager - Paws & Claws Thrift Shop
Jerry Aubin
Charter Member
Treasurer & Financial Advisor - SCHS


Jerry's passing in 2005 was a tremendous loss, not only for his family and friends, but also for Desert
Haven. He was instrumental is purchasing the property for the sanctuary and in getting the no-kill
animal refuge off the ground. The memory of his love and concern for others will live on forever in the
hearts and minds of those who knew him. He left the world a little better because he was in it.
Ardell Scartaccini
Advisory Board Member - DHAR
Ellen "Bootz" Farrester
Vice President - SCHS
Jerry Aubin
Eliana and rescued kitty
Lorena Nelson
Advisory Board Member - DHAR
Camille Carnell Pronovost
Advisory Board Member - DHAR
Web Master and Social Media
Steve Spaw
Secretary- SCHS
James Bagwell;
Pro Bono CPA
Terri Weeden
Treasurer - SCHS
Charlotte Beaugez
Animal Care DHAR
Adoptions Coordinator
Adopt-a-Pet Referral program
Mike & Laura Wowianko
DHAR - General Operations Coordinators

Mike - DHAR / P&C Maintenance
Laura - P&C Assistant manager