Our Facility
DESERT HAVEN PROVIDES a home-like environment for all companion animals on a space-available basis. As a
no-kill facility, Desert Haven Animal Refuge operates under specific guidelines to provide a "Haven of Compassion
in the Heart of Desert Country" for unwanted domestic animals. We need continual funding so we are careful to
take in only the number of animals that we can provide for long-term. Desert Haven receives no financial help
from government entities, local or otherwise. We depend on private and corporate contributions
to our non-profit,
501(c)(3) organization.

Our dogs reside at DOG TOWN. "THE INN", an insulated building, provides individual sleeping quarters with an
indoor-outdoor section and access to community exercise areas. Our canine residents enjoy life with other dogs,
yet can be separated, if necessary, from other groups of various sizes and temperament. The house-trained dogs
who prefer to live in the comfort of a human home are housed in "GENE'S DOG HOUSE," with free access to the
"Pooch Play Yard."


All play areas enjoy shady spots, cabanas, and platforms - enough for all  dogs to play, exercise, and nap in the
fresh air, in plain view of potential adopters and of visitors who come to groom them and give them individual

CATS live in the "COOL CAT NEIGHBORHOOD," a 1200 SF, 10' high, all-enclosed indoor-outdoor area. Indoor
sleeping quarters provide a picture window and a private, cozy condo for every feline resident. The Neighborhood
also includes a spacious Cat Patio, Cat Walks with cat jungle gyms,, ramps, look-outs, and high gang-ways.

BIRDLAND & ANIMAL HOUSE is the all-enclosed housing for our feathered friends, as well as for the small
furry creatures that are relinquished to our care. Rabbits, guinea pigs, miniature chickens, ring-neck and white
doves, peacocks and more, all live in harmony together in "The Peaceable Kingdom."

HEALTH AND WELLNESS is a top priority for all the animals who reside at Desert Haven. With that in mind,
the dogs' and cats' vaccinations are kept up to date and a neuter or spay operation is performed soon after

Contact us at 575-894-1694 o
r email Eliana Aubin to ask about adopting a pet or for more information on any of
the programs of the Sierra County Humane Society or Desert haven Animal Refuge.
PO Box 638
Williamsburg, New Mexico 87942
A Labor of Love in Progress